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My primary school life
Teens and their parents have conflict. If these conflicts are not managed contructively, family will face sadness and anger. Behavior and relationships degrade. I had a conflict with my parents but it somehow upgraded my relationship with them.

When I was Primary 3, instead of having 3 subjects which are English, Maths, Mother Tongue. Science was anpther subject that was added for Primary 3. I had troubles with coping with those four subjects. Eventually, I drop down from higher level class to a lower level class. My mother was curious and ask me why I dropped down. I told her the reason and she looked calm and listened very attentively. The next morning, after school, my mother ask me if I wanted tuition. I was surprised. She said that if I were to join tuition, I will be almost invulnerable to all my subjects. So the following week, I started going to tuition twice per week. My mother also taught me how to make a timetable then.

My primary 3 subjects fail but I improve and passed my examination for my primary 4 subjects. I was glad that finally I am back to my higher level class with my old friends. I was then Primary 5 and by then I made a terrible move. I made a timetable but I started not to follw it. My school curriculum period had increased tremendously and I don't really have time to relax. Instead of going to tuition, I wemt to the nearest internet cafe. I have beedn going there for the nearest internet cafe. I have been going there for the past 3 months and my marks for CA1 decreased and my mother was starting to get worried. Somehow after that day, she was curious and when she called my tuition teacher, she was frightened and angry when my tuition teacher told my mother that I haven't been coming for tuition for about 3 months!

I was walking back home then. I saw my mothe waiting outside of the house standing, unsuspectingly. As soon as I came to the door she said,"You have alot of explanation to do, young man!". I was shocked and puzzled that make me stand outside for about 15 seconds. I gulped and went in my house. My mother was so mad that she wanted to know where and why did I go somewhere. I then told her the whole story. 

After telling her the story, I could see she understands my feeling. She asked me if I want to cut down my tuition time to "every week, one time". I agree to the condition that when I am primary 6, I will go back to my daily tuition rutien"every week, two times". When I was Primary 6 I followed the timetable and managed to get 213 for my PSLE aggregate. 
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Lol good luck with life bro!

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